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International specification for training analysis and design

AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe


Aerospace Industries Association

The ASD/AIA S6000T is a joint transatlantic specification development, where European and American industrial, aerospace and defence manufacturers and customers participate.  The goal is to establish a global specification for Training Analysis and Design.

The Instructional Systems Development (ISD) process is comprised of five interrelated phases that are often referred to as the “ADDIE” model: Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate.  S6000T scope includes the first 2 phases in the process; Analyze and Design. S6000T is the latest S-series specification being drafted by AIA/ASD with the purpose of standardizing the process and data developed by different organizations.

S6000T defines the process for performing a Training Needs Analysis, including the definition of training requirements, learning objectives, and the identification of training curriculum.  It also identifies the data model for information exchange with other S-Series specifications.

Version 1.0 was published in February 2020.

Issue 2.0 was published in April 2021. Please download it from the Downloads page..

Should you wish to participate in the S6000T development work, please contact us through the AIA or ASD, or send a mail to our webmaster through the Contact form.